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Machine Learning Engineer, San Francisco, California, United States

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, San Francisco, California, United States (Remote possible)

Senior Open Source Developer Machine Learning (Remote), London, United Kingdom (Remote possible)

Rust Programmer, Boston, Massachusetts, United States (Remote possible)

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, NYC, New York, United States
Founded in 2010, Tapad cracked the code on cross-device marketing technology. Our groundbreaking, proprietary technology assimilates trillions of data points to find the relationship between smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and connected TVs. Ten years later, we are processing data at petabyte scale, with an engineering team that comprises roughly half of our entire organization. When you work with us, you matter, and your work matters. We use Scala, in combination with large-scale data processing and open-source technologies, to build our device graph. Across our engineering teams, we also use Scala, GCP, Spark, Kubernetes, Python, TypeScript, Angular, and anything else that helps us get the job done. We're open-minded about new technologies, we're passionate about what we do, and we make time for everyone to learn and grow as the industry changes. Engineers at Tapad are approachable and ambitious people who think outside the box and solve big problems collaboratively. Are you up for the challenge?
Team Go
Senior Machine Learning Engineer (Remote), Beaverton, Oregon, United States (Remote possible)

Tempo Software
Machine Learning Engineer, unknown, Unknown (Remote possible)

Lead NLP Data Scientist, London, United Kingdom (Remote possible)

AI Engineer, Houston, Texas, United States
AI Engineer, Houston, Texas, United States

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