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Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer, Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Machine Learning Engineer, Berlin, Germany

Senior Data Scientist, Berlin, Germany

Cornerstone OnDemand
Senior Backend Engineer - Python, Paris, France (Remote possible)

Curai Health
Machine Learning Research Intern, Palo Alto, California, United States (Remote possible)

Senior Software engineer AI & Machine Learning, London, United Kingdom (Remote possible)

Software Engineer - Machine Learning, Seattle, Washington, United States (Remote possible)

Machine Learning Engineer, Zagreb, Croatia (Remote possible)
doXray is a remote-first company that develops solutions for AI use-cases in the Legal, Real Estate, and Services industry. We have clients in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. At doXray, we're building a team with a passion for machine learning, for solving big problems, and for challenging ourselves to be better every day. We care about moving diligently and pushing industries forward while caring about who's on the journey with us.
Earth Species Project
Senior AI Research Scientist, Berkeley, California, United States (Remote possible)

Earthshot Labs
Machine Learning Engineer, Mill Valley, California, United States (Remote possible)
Earthshot Labs’ purpose is to use AI to catalyze planetary-scale land regeneration. We conduct core ecological research and build technology products that inspire landowners to restore their land, and easily onboard them to carbon marketplaces at no cost. Earthshot also develops land restoration and carbon projects around the world. Earthshot believes that people are most effective and happy when they bring their whole selves into their work, so they can unleash their full genius. We take shared breaths together, we discuss subjects that are deeply meaningful and at times vulnerable. We actively maintain a coherent field of deeply held love for nature and restoring humankind’s place within it. Despite our best intentions we are keenly aware of the potential problems inherent in creating a tech platform to engineer large scale land use, and so we are engaging with indigenous leaders, ecological experts, regenerative farmers, and other groups with deep knowledge of the land in order to ensure we have the highest integrity and wisdom infusing our efforts. Earthshot is building two products that enable its vision: LandOS and Biome. LandOS is a platform for enabling landowners to envision and manifest the regeneration of land they have stewardship over. Our intention is to build a product that inspires our customers to be bold, to delight and engage them while they envision the future possibilities of the land in ways never possible before. Biome is our Unity app that collects nature observations in the most accurate, fun and engaging way using the smartphone’s neural engine, camera, and augmented reality capabilities. The data collected is used to power both fundamental ecological research as well as to underpin our LandOS system for envisioning and manifesting land restoration.
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