AI/ML Job: Machine Learning Engineer

Abnormal Security

Machine Learning Engineer at Abnormal Security

Remote › 🇺🇸 100% remote position (in the US)
  (Posted Apr 6 2022)

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Job description
About Abnormal Security
User’s and companies are constantly under attack but Abnormal Security’s team and patented, ML-first, approach is redefining cloud security for the next generation. Our incredible team needs your help to keep ahead of the evolving threats facing the world. We tackle critical challenges using novel approaches and techniques across multiple ML disciplines.

Our solutions help our customers protect their customers; as well as preventing direct losses and saving internal security teams’ time/headache. And our unique insights into: a user’s behaviors, their communication content, plus countless other real-time signals; help us detect, and mitigate, complex & adversarial attacks. We’re able to deliver these accurate and real-time capabilities with exceptional user experience and best-in-industry customer support. Our customers regularly refer new customers (and sometimes even join our team!), a sentiment echoed by exceptional customer reviews.

We’ve built a world class team that combines exceptional engineers, serially-successful leaders, and security-industry veterans to build one of the most exciting companies in the industry. Come see what makes us so Abnormal!

Team & Work Summary:
You’ll find our team passionate about building a detection engine unparalleled in its ability to stop every attack - accurately and timely. Our customers put their trust in Abnormal and we take that seriously. Our team’s culture of excellence means we analyze misclassification and hypothesize solutions to constantly create new features, models, and systems that help us combat whatever evil our (and our customer’s) adversaries throw at us.

We’re hiring experienced Machine Learning Engineers [all levels], for needs across multiple “Detection” teams.

To qualify, you’ll need:
Your degree (or degrees) in Computer Science
To be comfortable working in Python
At least 2 Years of end-to-end, production Machine Learning experience (we ship our own code)
Strong analytical & data science skills

Plus experience in one (or more) of the following:
Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP/NLU), Entity Extraction,
Behavioral ML, like: ranking, recommendation, search, etc.
“Serving” Architecture (Yes! Looking at you “Ad Tech” and “Ad Serving” folks!),
Security (or related) domain: Fraud, Abuse, Impersonation, Trust, Spam, Phishing, Privacy, or similar
Anomaly detection on event streaming architectures
E2E MLE experience with rapid-growth/pre-IPO, customer-centric, SaaS startups

Why Abnormal?
We’re on a serious mission to “protect the internet” and we’re adamant that building a great team will help us build a great product AND a great company! In addition to ensuring our compensation packages and benefits remain compelling to the caliber of talent we hire - we also seek to provide both clear career and personal growth opportunities. We’ve built a diverse and inclusive team that values the contributions and voice of all team members. Let’s chat about our team and opportunities - we’d love to show you just how GREAT being “Abnormal” can be!

Please mention that you found the job at

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Company: Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security
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Skills wanted for this job:
ml natural language processing nlp python saas

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