AI/ML Job: Deep Learning Research Scientist


Deep Learning Research Scientist at Engineroom

Remote › Worldwide, 100% remote position
  (Posted Apr 30 2022)

Job description
You will work in our research team to extend the capabilities of neural networks applied to video / audio / text understanding and common sense reasoning.
You will perform research on recurrent networks, attention policies, multi-task learning and scaling up training.
You will have expert understanding of NIPS, ICLR, CVPR, PAMI.
You will help define and shape a platform with practical real world client applications from Day 1 at the forefront of Deep Learning and AI.

We have used our expertise to:
Increase crop yields, predict credit defaults, identify dark matter, render blockbuster VFX, develop & simulate medical breakthroughs, calculate re-entry profiles for spacecraft, give machine vision to Robots and UAV’s, and much more.........

Full time, Part-time, Contract Roles.
The opportunity to work in an industry respected business with extensive clients, and deep HPC and BigData experience.
We embrace remote working. If you have commitments, or a personal preference to work from a location of your choice, we embrace it.
We welcome applications from overseas applicants open to working remotely.
Work with subject matter experts with real world client problems.
Did we mention we have Space Industry clients?
A fun, dynamic environment with the latest and best hardware for AI, BigData and DL, and problems at the forefront of DL research.

Choice of technical or organizational leadership career growth,
State-of-the-art technology environment,
Innovation, proof-of-concept, and first-article rapid prototype focus,
Small-team workplace flexibility and work-life balance,
Start-up and innovation culture

EngineRoom offers some of highest, and flexible compensation offerings in the global market. We work flexibly at EngineRoom offering a range of balanced options for how, when and where you work.

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