AI/ML Job: Senior Software Engineer, Scientific Computing Software

Senior Software Engineer, Scientific Computing Software at HHMI Janelia Research Campus

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ United States โ€บ Virginia โ€บ Ashburn
  (Posted Jul 3 2022)

Job description
Janelia Research Campus is a pioneering research center in Ashburn, Virginia, where scientists pursue fundamental questions in neuroscience and imaging. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) launched Janelia in 2006, establishing an intellectually distinctive environment for scientists to do creative, collaborative, hands-on work. Our integrated teams of biologists, computational scientists, and tool-builders pursue a small number of scientific questions with potential for transformative impact. We share our methods, results, and tools with the scientific community. It is a uniquely innovative and collaborative atmosphere that reflects HHMIโ€™s reputation for excellence.


We are seeking a talented and motivated individual to join the Scientific Computing Software as a Senior Software Engineer. The successful candidate can write complex code (e.g. Java, Python) in a scientific environment and has experience developing software using complex APIs. The candidate will work closely with scientists and learn about their goals and workflows, translating them into high-quality software that accelerates science. They must be able to implement mathematical concepts as code, using state-of-the-art libraries such as numpy, ImgLib2, and PyTorch.

The ideal candidate thrives in a fast-paced research environment with constantly evolving requirements, enjoys writing maintainable software, and feels pride and ownership for any code they deliver. This role comes with the opportunity to take part in all aspects of the software development lifecycle on a diverse range of projects supporting both labs at Janelia and the wider community through projects such as EASI-FISH, NeuronBridge, and HortaCloud.


Collaborate with scientists, scientific programmers, and a team of software engineers to build world-class scientific software

Translate computational research methods into well-factored, maintainable code

Create and maintain software capable of running on local workstations, an HPC cluster, and in the cloud

Follow industry best practices for unit testing, documentation, CI/CD, DevOps, and MLOps

Engage with the software community at Janelia to learn and share knowledge about scientific software development


Bachelors or Masters in computer science, bioinformatics, or relevant field

3+ years of experience in software engineering

Ability to understand scientific problems related to biomedical research

Demonstrated proficiency in Python and/or Java programming

Experience with Linux and bash scripting

Experience with containerization technologies such as Docker or Singularity

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with Nextflow, Snakemake, or other workflow systems

Experience with distributed computing frameworks such as Dask, Spark, or Ray

Experience with cloud technologies, especially AWS

Knowledge of machine learning fundamentals

If you are excited about a specific open-source project that you have contributed to, please include it in your application so we can discuss code together.

Please mention that you found the job at

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