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Computer Vision Engineer at Tulip

🇺🇸 United States › Massachusetts › Somerville
  (Posted Jul 16 2022)

Job description
Tulip, the Frontline Operations Platform, is empowering the world’s leading manufacturers to improve the productivity of their teams, the quality of their output, and the efficiency of their operations. With Tulip’s no-code platform, manufacturers can empower those closest to operations to digitally transform their facilities and gain real-time visibility into the people, machines and processes involved in production--all in a matter of days.

Manufacturers of all sizes, across industries including consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, contract manufacturing, automotive, apparel, medical devices and more, have implemented Tulip’s intuitive platform to solve some of the most pressing challenges in manufacturing: error-proofing processes with guided workflows, integrating industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies with legacy factory machines, and capturing and analyzing real-time production floor data.

A spinoff out of MIT, the company is headquartered in Somerville, MA, with offices in the UK and Germany. It has been recognized as a MES Challenger on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Frost and Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the year and a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. You can learn more and get started for free at

About You:

You’re passionate about visual things. Images, pictures are more than pixels to you, they are scenes with objects, backgrounds, interactions, and activity.

You’re a recent advanced degree graduate or an experienced engineer, with the background and skills to extract visual information from images and make it into a must-have product.

You have a background in machine learning mechanics and image processing, and know firsthand how to train models, evaluate them and ship computer vision products on an edge-cloud hybrid platform to thousands of clients.

What skills do I need?

Education: B.S in a computational science (computer science or engineering, applied mathematics, statistics or related field) with 3+ years of experience in computer vision, or an advanced degree (M.S, PhD) in a computational domain with 1+ years of experience (internships welcome).
Specialization in a computational visual analysis domain: computer vision, image processing or computer graphics.
Proven skills in at least two high-level programming languages, such as Python, C++, Typescript/Javascript, Java and the like, as well as scripting languages such as bash, R/MATLAB.
Demonstrated software engineering skills, such as programming patterns, algorithms, software development cycles, cross-OS building environments.
Demonstrated engineering skills in Machine Learning for computer vision, such as constructing and training deep convolutional models (using a well-known package, e.g. PyTorch, TensorFlow/Keras, ONNX), image data cleaning and augmentation, visual feature extraction and backbones, a broad knowledge of ML algorithms and their tradeoffs, etc. Preference for published or publicly available work.
Solid knowledge of applied mathematics for computer vision, such as Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus, Statistics, Algorithmics and Informatics.
Good written and conversational skills.

Key Responsibilities:

Build, code, test, and maintain high quality software
Develop, maintain, and test computer vision algorithms
Develop and ship computer vision features on the Tulip platform
Work with clients to implement computer vision on their shop floor
Contributes code across the engineering groups
Advance the agenda of computer vision and demonstrate its impact on the company’s business

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