AI/ML Job: ML Research Scientist

NT Parameter Lab

ML Research Scientist at NT Parameter Lab

🇩🇪 Germany › Tübingen

Job description
We are building a new group of ambitious, independent-minded researchers to tackle the trustworthiness of billion-scale ML models. The team will work on the in-house large language models and large-scale multi-modal models at Naver. As an independent researcher, you will be given the autonomy to define and solve problems in billion-scale models. You will present your results through academic publications and tech transfers. You will build unique expertise in dealing with billion-scale models.

## Benefits

We offer a highly competitive salary. You will enjoy good social security coverage in Germany.

## Qualifications

We expect you to be able to conduct research end-to-end: from proposal to execution and presentation. We are seeking a PhD holder in machine learning or related topics and a good publication record (or an equivalent amount of expertise). Expertise in some of the following topics will be welcome.

- Natural language processing
- Computer vision
- Explainability and interoperability
- Bayesian ML and uncertainty
- Generalization and robustness
- Factfulness
- Commonsense reasoning
- Knowledge representation
- Model auditing
- Fairness
- Privacy and security
- Alignment
- Human feedback


Company: NT Parameter Lab

NT Parameter Lab
Location: Tübingen, Germany

Skills wanted for this job:
ml natural language processing

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