AI/ML Job: Founding Machine Learning Engineer

Hearth AI

Founding Machine Learning Engineer at Hearth AI

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States β€Ί New York β€Ί New York
  (Posted Feb 21 2023)

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Job description
About Hearth

Hearth's vision is AI that radically expands our capacity to act on our networks by making sense of the branching complexities of our relationships
As an AI Chief of Staff, Hearth interacts with teams through a natural language interface and supports different network workflows
We raised our seed from top Silicon Valley VCs
Founded by Ashe Magalhaes (ML engineer in philanthropy, politics, tech)

About the Role

Work directly with founders to drive implementation of long-term ML infrastructure
Tackle unsolved AI research problems in relationship management
Develop novel solutions for centralizing disparate network data, contact enrichment, and workflow recommendations
Lead an engineering culture that is authentic, dynamic, and warm - as we grow, you'll have autonomy to stay an individual contributor or manage

You Should

Have meaningfully contributed to large-scale machine learning infrastructure projects
Have experience in backend development and modeling integrations (ideally you are experienced in SQL/relational databases and NodeJS)
Be a detail-oriented and opinionated engineer excited by rapid development cycles and building clean and documented applications

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