AI/ML Job: Language Engineer

Language Engineer at Fanjango Ltd

Remote β€Ί 🌐 Worldwide, 100% remote position
  (Posted Mar 3 2023)

USD 100,000

Job description
Due to the rapid growth of our R&D team we now have a vacancy for NLP engineer
Possible tasks:
development and improvement of solutions for:
financial data analysis
skills recommendation
entity extraction from text (NER)
text preprocessing and normalization
Minimum qualifications:
β€” 1.5+ years of relevant work experience in NLP/RecSys
β€” Solid practical and theoretical knowledge of Statistics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning;
β€” Strong knowledge of Python (and all the usual libraries e.g. NumPy, Pandas, nltk, spaCy);
β€” NLP experience (text classification, NER, similarity search);
β€” Experience with at least one of Deep Learning frameworks: PyTorchβ€―/β€―JAX/Tensorflow;
β€” Theoretical understanding, practical implementation of classical andβ€―Neural Network driven NLP (RNN, LSTM, Transformers);
β€” Experience with Unix tools (e.g. bash scripting);
β€” Ability to turn the prototype and notebook scripts into a deployable solution as an API service (experience with one of the following: FastAPI / Flask / Django) + Docker.
β€” Github experience
Preferred qualifications:
β€” Previous experience with solutions for job boards or recommendation/matching
β€” 3+ years of relevant work experience
β€” MSc or PhD degree in Computer Science, Applied Math or related field
β€” Experience working on tasks end-to-end - dataset preparation, model training, metrics evaluation, deploying the solution as API
β€” Experience with models' optimization techniques and distributed model training
β€” Experience creating tasks for data labelers
β€” MLOps experience (data & model versioning, monitoring, model hosting and deployment, scalability e.g. MLFlow/wandb/, DVC)
We offer:
β€” Flexible working hours
β€” Possibility to work remotely
β€” Competitive compensation with regular performance-reviews
β€” 20 days of paid vacation
β€” Non-trivial tasks, ability to work with cutting-edge technologies
β€” Long-term enjoyable cooperation


Company: Fanjango Ltd

Fanjango Ltd
Location: 🌐 Worldwide, 100% Remote

World Map

Skills wanted for this job:
ai django docker flask nlp
pandas python pytorch r rnn
tensorflow unix

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