AI/ML Job: Software Engineer - Machine Learning


Software Engineer - Machine Learning at Petuum

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States 🇺🇸   (Posted Aug 3 2018)
About the company
Petuum is a software infrastructure and ecosystem provider that enables AI for enterprise. Petuum’s operating system gives users a single platform to build any Machine Learning or Deep Learning application using large amounts of data, and deploy it at scale on any hardware – such as workstations, datacenters, the internet of things, and edge computing.

The Petuum development platform and gallery of AI building blocks work with any programming language and any type of data, allowing managers and analysts to quickly build AI applications without any coding, while engineers and coders can further re-program applications as needed. With Petuum, many AI applications and hardware can be created and managed from a single laptop or terminal, driving higher productivity, better service, lower costs, and faster delivery. By standardizing AI solutions, Petuum lowers the barrier to AI adoption and allows for the integration of AI into every industry.

Petuum closes $93 Million Series B round led by SoftBank with participation from previous investor Advantech Capital, becoming one of the highest funded early-stage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startups.

Job position

Job description
Petuum is seeking outstanding PhD-level engineers in machine learning, distributed systems, deep learning, natural language understanding, and other related fields. You will be part of a team of world-class engineers, designers, and scientists, working together to democratize the building and deployment of AI and Machine Learning systems. You will have ownership over the projects you work on and have the flexibility to influence the design and execution of your team’s work. A hard-working entrepreneur spirit is highly valued and rewarded in the company.


Design, implement and evaluate new models and software prototypes to solve problems in machine learning and systems.

Provide software design and programming support to machine learning projects.

Implement and evaluate machine learning algorithms.

Report and present software developments including status and results clearly and efficiently both internally and externally, verbally and in writing.

Architect and implement software libraries.

Skills & requirements

Masters in Computer Science or other technical fields.

Experience with implementing machine learning algorithms in Python or C++ and have the desire to learn new programming languages.

Good knowledge of algorithm design and software engineering.

Experience with implementing numerical methods and data visualization.


PhD in machine learning, systems, computer vision, natural language processing, neuroscience or computer science.

Relevant experience to the position such as post-doctoral roles, a proven track record of publications in relevant fields.

Contributions to open source projects.

Instructions how to apply
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