AI/ML Job: Machine Learning Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer at Hive

🇺🇸 United States â€º California â€º San Francisco   (Posted Aug 9 2018)

About the company
Hive is a full stack deep learning platform helping to bring companies into the AI era. We label training data through Hive Data, a distributed workforce of over 300,000 workers around the world generating millions of high quality pieces of data a day. We then use this data to build machine learning models with applications in verticals like Media, Autonomous Driving, Retail, and Security. Today, we work with some of the largest companies in the world to redefine how they think about unstructured visual data and together we build solutions that completely transform verticals.

Job position

Job description
In order to execute our vision, we need to grow our team of best-in-class machine learning engineers. We are looking for developers who are excited about staying at the forefront of deep learning technology, prototyping state-of-the-art neural net models and launching these models into production. We value hard workers who have no qualms working with terabyte-scale datasets, who are interested in learning new technologies at all levels of the machine learning stack, and who move fast and take ownership of their projects. Our ideal candidate has experience creating a working machine learning-powered project from the ground up, contributes innovative ideas and ingenious implementations to the team, and is capable of planning out scalable, maintainable data pipelines.


Everything involved in applying a ML model to a production use case, including, designing and coding up the neural network, gathering and refining data, training and tuning the model, deploying it at scale with high throughput and uptime, and analyzing the results in the wild in order to continuously update and improve accuracy and speed

Interface closely with the Backend and DevOps teams as well as with our internal data labeling services

We are a group of individuals who are young and hungry to make a mark on the world and build a machine learning company for the long run. You will be based in San Francisco and we offer all the standard benefits available to top startup companies. At Hive, you will have a significant career development opportunity and an opportunity to learn directly from our founder / CEO.

Skills & requirements
You have an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or similar technical field, with significant coursework in mathematics or statistics

You have 1-2 years industry machine learning experience

You have successfully trained and deployed a deep learning machine model (image, NLP, video, or audio) into production, with measurably improved performance over baseline, either in industry or as a personal project

You have strong experience with a high-level machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Caffe, or Torch, and familiarity with the others

You know the ins and outs of Python, especially as it applies to the above ML frameworks

You are capable of quickly coding and prototyping data pipelines involving any combination of Python, Node, bash, and linux command-line tools, especially when applied to large datasets consisting of millions of files

You have a working knowledge of the following technologies, or are not afraid of picking it up on the fly: C++, Scala/Spark, R, Matlab, SQL, Cassandra, Docker

You are up-to-date on the latest deep neural net research and architectures, both in understanding the theory and motivations behind the techniques, as well as how to implement them in the ML framework of your choice

You are comfortable with running and interpreting common statistical tests, and also with common data science techniques including dimensionality reduction and supervised and unsupervised learning

You have great communication skills and ability to work with others

You are a strong team player, with a do-whatever-it-takes attitude

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