AI/ML Job: Computer Vision Engineer

Leap Motion

Computer Vision Engineer at Leap Motion

🇺🇸 United States › Massachusetts › Boston   (Posted Sep 4 2018)

About the company
Leap Motion’s mission is to remove the barriers between people and technology. Our unprecedented hand tracking lets you reach into virtual and augmented reality to interact with new worlds. We're currently partnering with major VR manufacturers to embed Leap Motion technology into mobile VR/AR headsets.

Job position

Job description
Leap Motion’s mission is to build a natural connection between people and technology, unlocking the potential of both. At the core of our technology lies the tracking software that transforms hands into data at near-zero latency. To take this to the next level, we’re looking for a Computer Vision Engineer to develop state-of-the-art image processing algorithms.

Leap Motion opens up magical new worlds and experiences where you can tangibly interact with the digital world. Our tracking technology makes this possible in ways that are simple, powerful and human. We’re a small company with a global presence and our platform is transforming fields as diverse as gaming, education, music, industrial simulation and more as we become the default input for virtual and augmented reality.

This is a bleeding-edge space for bleeding-edge people. As we craft the next phase of user interfaces and interactions there is rarely a precedent to follow.


Apply mathematical techniques (geometry, linear algebra, numerical methods, error analysis) and machine learning techniques to prototype and develop image processing algorithms

Implement substantial portions of production code in C++

Be a key player in improving the performance and stability of Leap Motion tracking

Guide the requirements for next generation hardware prototyping

Collaborate with hardware, software architecture, quality assurance and developer experience teams

Skills & requirements
BS/MS/Ph.D. Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Physics or Computer Vision

Must possess a strong background in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Expert in algorithm design, creative problem solving, and performance optimization

Knowledgeable with computational geometry, linear algebra, and statistics

Innately curious and self motivated to ask questions and find answers

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Passionate about technology and enjoys hacking/prototyping on the side

Dynamic individual with great teamwork and interpersonal skills

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