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Data Scientist - Principal Investigator at Wappier

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About the company
Dynamic Pricing, Bundling, Retention and Loyalty for Mobile Game App Publishers - Moving beyond Marketing Automation with Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Deep Data Pooling. wappier's Patent-pending Technology is utilizing dynamic and international pricing, real-time bundling of in-app purchases, next best action recommendations and automated, personalized loyalty and retention programs, empowering mobile game app publishers to increase their revenue and retention by 30%-50%+. For the first time in history, 50-people companies are called to manage millions of users. We believe that this cannot happen with typical marketing automation, segmentation and workflows, it needs full closed loop automation. We are building the Technology and the tools game publishers need to provide every single gamer out there with the best price, offer and reward.

Job position

Job description
As a Data Scientist at wappier you will develop & investigate hypotheses, structure experiments, build mathematical models and develop machine learning methods/algorithms that will help wappier products for mobile game publishers become a global success story.

We are looking for a sharp, highly quantitative individual who has a passion for data, machine learning methods & mathematical modeling and experience on the job of at least 4 years.

We are building a unique technology platform dedicated to the operation and real time optimization of free to play mobile games.


As a principal investigator you will be responsible for a) validating the quality of the data and results of the analysis/proposed methodology by wappier data sciencee team before these are moved into production, b) steering wappier data science to deliver our internal and customers roamap, c) communicating with customers and presenting results and applied methodology

Creating, testing and developing supervised machine learning algorithms such as NLP, Bayesian, Classification, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Adaptive Boosting, Support Vector Machines, ARIMA/ANOVA Models, according to the needs of wappier customers and product platform

Creating unsupervised machine learning algorithms such as K-means, Hierarchical clustering, in order to ensure targeted and personalized communication strategy through specific marketing campaigns

Designing and implementing statistical methodologies for quantitative analysis of large datasets

Working on designing & automatizing analyses with optimized data structures on high-performance columnar databases and visualization tools. Apply concepts such as probability, statistics, modeling, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical solutions

Co-operating with technical teams in order to include machine learning techniques in the product development

Co-operating with stakeholders of the project (project managers, presales and sales team) in order to assist data driven decision making and presented proposals to client in meeting and workshops

Skills & requirements
Cool, smart, funny & professional with a focus is on getting the job done

Graduate with a post-doc degree (MSc or PhD) in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or other quantitative field is required

Good knowledge of Machine learning concepts (classification, clustering and other algorithms) and its hands on experience with libraries like (scikit-learn, pandas, numpy etc.)

Having working experience and academic interest in dealing with problems in Machine Learning (for example churn prediction) and data mining (basket analysis).

At least 4 years working experience with data science related project in commercial environment

Experience working with huge data sets and at least in one of cloud based environments (amazon or google cloud or microsoft),

Hands-on experience with handing data from various sources Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Excel

Experience with big data ecosystem libraries like spark etc would be an advantage

Good coding skills in Python and/or R and its related libraries. This would be having more importance considering our requirements and goals that we are having ahead. Coding in other programming languages is an advantage

Hands-on experience with handing data from various sources Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Excel

Strong organizational, analytical, and time management skills

Excellent command of English, both written & oral (all our reporting is in English)

Ability to interpret business requests & communicate findings in a user-friendly manner

A tendency to stay current with the industry’s best practices and trends

Passion for data science


Experience in Visualization platforms (Power BI, Tableau, Excel) is desirable

Real world Experience with data ETL processes

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