AI/ML Job: Natural Language Processing Data Scientist


Natural Language Processing Data Scientist at Adarga

London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧   (Posted Mar 2 2019)

About the company
Actionable Intelligence
Adarga builds powerful analytical software, automating time-intensive tasks for our customers, learning by reading and understanding data at speeds humans are unable to achieve. Adarga connects your objectives to real world insights and transforms the value customers can uncover in their data.
Adarga leverages the latest advances in machine learning and scalable engineering within a flexible plug-and-play microservices architecture. Our technology enables organisations to adopt advanced end-to-end AI analytics, simply, securely and at scale, without large upfront investment.
Adarga focusses on sector-specific verticals to deliver sector-leading performance. Our first sector is Defence and Intelligence, other sectors will be announced shortly.

Job description
We are looking for a talented NLP Data Scientist to join our team working across a modern, web-focused technology stack. We work in a fast-paced environment, utilising cloud based technologies to deploy our products to customers.

As an NLP Data Scientist, you will be joining Adarga’s expanding AI engineering team. Our AI engineering team have strong technical capabilities within data science combined with the ability to productionise their work.

In this role, you will be building and training NLP models to extract information which we use within a range of client facing analytical products. You will be required to interact with our users and engineers, gathering relevant information to train models and articulate the performance of them, to seek industry leading results. You will be using your linguistic background to prepare and curate NLP datasets, as well as designing and managing annotation tasks for NLP.

Skills & requirements
Role Specification:

Responsibility for the scalability, performance, security and delivery of our analytics platform.

Support our Data Science and Engineering teams to deliver product against our roadmap.

Work in a fast-paced environment, using cloud technologies to deploy products to customers.

Research, test and build the NLP techniques that underpin our data analytics framework.

Be a part of the team which transitions research from our in-house data science team into a client facing product.

Required Experience:

Strong communications skills in English.

Ability to quickly adopt and leverage new technologies.

Knowledge of Information extraction, relation extraction, and linked data.

Knowledge of Machine Learning / Deep learning.

Curating datasets for NLP tasks.

Education in linguistics and NLP.

Ability to self-direct project work to develop new NLP capabilities and enhance existing ones

Ability to apply NLP techniques to real world problems.

Knowledge of one programming language (we use Python and Java).

Beneficial Experience:

Database technologies (MongoDB, Neo4J, ElasticSearch, SQL, etc.).

Experience in another programming language.

Agile software development methodologies.

Experience of working in/collaborating with software teams.

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