AI/ML Job: Machine Learning Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer at Ideal

Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦   (Posted Jun 28 2019)
About the company
Talent Intelligence Powered By A.I.

Ideal is an intelligent system that complements your existing HR software to help you make the best data-backed talent decisions.

Ideal empowers talent acquisition teams to make data-backed, high-volume hiring decisions using artificial intelligence. Our goal is to maximize your quality of hire and improve recruiter efficiency.

Using Ideal, employers can:

- shortlist candidates past and present

- improve quality of hire

- slash turnover

- reduce bias

- decrease time to fill

- make time for high-value work

Job description
Are you a machine learning engineer looking for a new opportunity to challenge your skills and learn new technologies? Do you want to be excited to go to work every day? Do you have some ML skills you can put to use immediately? We are looking for you.

Ideal is an exciting technology company in Toronto that developers A.I for HR and recruiting generating massive efficiencies for our customers. We use machine learning to detect patterns in resumes and interview data to spot the best possible job applicants . We are young and growing fast and need someone to work with our incredibly passionate team.

Skills & requirements
Expertise in building and configuring production-ready machine learning systems.

Expertise in using machine learning libraries in Python, or similar.

Experience with complex SQL using PostgreSQL, or similar.

Experience in consuming and building APIs in Node.js, Python, or similar.

A passion for software development that often extends beyond your work

A strong understanding of administering Linux systems

A high level of comfort using Git and Github

A huge passion to learn new technologies and techniques

Preferable: open source projects or contributions on github we can see

Instructions how to apply
see the website
[ job website ]

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