AI/ML Job: Senior Fullstack Engineer: Greenfield Machine Learning Initiatives


Senior Fullstack Engineer: Greenfield Machine Learning Initiatives at GitLab

Remote › Worldwide, 100% remote position
  (Posted Mar 2 2021)

Job description
Those in Single Engineer Groups (SEG) at GitLab work in the engineering department to initiate a planned or minimal maturity category into the GitLab project. The MLOps single engineer group has a focus on MLOps, which will be focused on enabling data teams to build, test, and deploy their machine learning models. This will be net new functionality within GitLab and will bridge the gap between DataOps teams, data scientists, and development teams to get data science workloads deployed to production.

Single engineer groups will work across the backend (Ruby on Rails and Go), and frontend (Vue.js) parts of our application. The work is weighted more strongly towards the backend, rather than frontend.

At GitLab, we believe in the power of a single engineer to accomplish amazing feats. Many open source projects started with a single engineer’s decision to build around a problem they personally experienced.

The culture here at GitLab is something we’re incredibly proud of. Some of the benefits you’ll be entitled to vary by the region or country you’re in. However, all GitLab team members are fully remote and receive a "no ask, must tell" paid-time-off policy, where we don’t count the number of days you take off annually -- instead, we focus on your results. You can work the hours you choose, enabled by our asynchronous approach to communication. You can also expect stock options and a competitive salary. Our compensation calculator will be shared with selected candidates before any interview.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) are fundamental to the success of GitLab. We want to infuse DIB in every way possible and in all that we do. We strive to create a transparent environment where all team members around the world feel that their voices are heard and welcomed. We also aim to be a place where people can show up as their full selves each day and contribute their best. With more than 100,000 organizations using GitLab, our goal is to have a team that is representative of our users.


Develop features and improvements to accomplish amazing things in a single engineer group. This person is a self-reliant team of one who does everything necessary to bring features from 0 to 1.
Understand the needs of those responsible for machine learning, and applies them to create awesome solutions to meet their needs.
Solve technical problems of high scope and complexity.
Craft code that meets our internal standards for style, maintainability, and best practices for a high-scale web environment.
Confidently ship and demo small features and improvements with minimal guidance and support from other team members.
Represent GitLab and its values in public communication around specific projects and community contributions.
A single engineer group at GitLab knows “just enough” product management, UX, quality, documentation, and project management principles to get the job done.


Must have

Must be passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced in machine learning
Must be excited about the ability to work independently or have prior success in a similar model working at senior engineer (or above)
Professional experience with Ruby and Rails or Go
Experience working with modern frontend frameworks (eg. React, Vue.js, Angular, CSS, semantic HTML)
Proficiency in the English language, both written and verbal, sufficient for success in a remote and largely asynchronous work environment
Demonstrated capacity to clearly and concisely communicate about complex technical, architectural, and/or organizational problems and propose thorough iterative solutions
Experience with performance and optimization problems and a demonstrated ability to both diagnose and prevent these problems
Comfort working in a highly agile, intensely iterative software development process
Demonstrated ability to onboard and integrate with an organization long-term
Positive and solution-oriented mindset
Effective communication skills including clear status updates
An inclination towards communication, inclusion, and visibility
Experience owning a project from concept to production, including proposal, discussion, and execution.
Self-motivated and self-managing, with strong organizational skills.
Demonstrated ability to work closely with other parts of the organization
Share our values, and work in accordance with those values
Ability to thrive in a fully remote organization
A propensity to be energized by both change and ambiguity

Nice to have

Being an early contributor to a successful open source project
Working successfully on a prior single-engineer group
Being a prior company technical cofounder or experience in a peak performance organization, preferably a tech startup
Experience with the GitLab product as a user or contributor
Product company experience
Experience working with a remote team
Enterprise software company experience
Developer platform/tool industry experience
Experience working with a global or otherwise multicultural team
Computer science education or equivalent experience
Passionate about/experienced with open source and developer tools

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