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🇩🇪 Germany › Berlin   (Posted Jun 5 2021)

€50k – €100k + 1.0% – 5.0%

Job description
We are on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution.

At, we are enabling Zero-Iteration Manufacturing for semiconductors and other precision manufacturing industries. Our pilot product is designed to solve the biggest problem currently facing these industries - the unpredictability of production processes.

As our first Machine Learning Engineer, you will lead the charge on building our architecture and driving insights that lead to product improvements.

You will:
• Develop and productionize state-of-the-art predictive and optimization models to solve real-world challenges using massive industrial IoT data
• Design and test automated machine learning methodologies
• Develop processes and pipelines to monitor and analyze model performance on multiple datasets

You should have:
• PhD in a relevant quantitative field or 3+ years of industry experience as a Data Scientist or equivalent position
• Solid knowledge of Python and other programing languages
• Practical experience machine learning algorithms, convolutional neural networks, reinforcement learning and privacy preserving methods
• Strong knowledge of statistics and numerical methods
• Self-motivated, detail-oriented and result-driven mindset
• Great communication and collaboration skills

Ideally you would have:
• Experience with generative models such as VAE or GAN
• Experience with FEA and optimization algorithms
• Experience incorporating simulations and expert knowledge into data-driven models
• Experience with manufacturing process control
• Experience with deploying and managing high fidelity neural network models
• Experience with cloud computing and GPU processing
• Practical deployment experience with privacy-preserving ML is a plus

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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Skills wanted for this job:
ai gan ml python vae

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