AI/ML Job: Machine Learning Research Software Engineer

Mind Foundry

Machine Learning Research Software Engineer at Mind Foundry

🇬🇧 United Kingdom â€º Edinburgh
  (Posted Jul 18 2021)

Job description
We're looking for an experienced Machine Learning Research Software Engineer to join our expanding team. Are you passionate about what you do and interested in tackling some of the world's most challenging data science problems directly with our clients and supported by an advanced ML team? Are you looking for the opportunity to use your skills across research, product and customer-focused work?

LOCATION We’ve been working successfully as a fully remote team during the pandemic therefore this role is available to a candidate who would be happy working fully remotely from Scotland. It is likely that many of our staff will choose to remain as remote workers going forward and so we are able to offer a fully inclusive and integrated team to anyone applying for a remote role such as this one.

ABOUT THE ROLE You'll be working within our Applied Machine Learning group as part of one of our client teams, delivering expert advice, failing fast, and iterating quickly.

The team works on medium and long-term projects to advance the state-of-the-art in machine learning. This role will initially focus on tackling privacy and security in ML systems and will involve working alongside our research scientists to understand the literature, designing and implementing solutions, prioritising milestones and managing deliverables, with a focus on implementation.

Typically, early-stage projects involve critically assessing both the written literature, and open-source implementations for novel ML algorithms. You should be:
  • Capable of designing computational experiments to verify accuracy and computational speed of existing algorithms, and to suggest possible extensions, alterations or entirely different approaches to address perceived issues.
  • Be comfortable discussing your research plans and findings with your peers, and taking on feedback to refine your work.
  • Working with the Product teams as we integrate new ideas into our machine learning platform or tackle a particular business need.
  • Work closely with platform-engineers to provide ideas, advice on ML techniques you are familiar with, and generally get stuck in to help make something work as it should.

  • Maintain and develop a good working knowledge of state-of-the-art ML methods, software tools and implementation methods.
  • Evaluating scientific concepts for viability of implementation.
  • Writing maintainable production code and promoting best practices for code quality in a scientific codebase.
  • Where appropriate, you will deliver training to the customer on core ML concepts and Mind Foundry products and solutions.

This is a fantastic role for someone who likes to work across the spectrum from high-level ideas to nitty-gritty details, and an excellent opportunity to grow and learn alongside our highly talented team. We're a collaborative bunch and you'll always be encouraged to contribute ideas, give feedback or ask for help where necessary. All we ask is that you bring your A-game!

  • A degree in a scientific discipline such as Computer Science, Physics or similar . A PhD/DPhil is highly valued in Mind Foundry, but not essential for this role.
  • 3+ years of commercial experience using ML/Data Science
  • Can work with state-of-the-art ML libraries to deliver powerful results quickly ( Tensorflow/Pytorch )
  • Be an experienced software engineer , fluent in a high-level programming language ( Python ), ideally in a scientific or commercial context.
  • Have experience of working with ML or statistical methods
  • Have experience designing and implementing software systems that allow users to make best use of ML models in a clear and intuitive way
  • Be a champion of scientific integrity practices in terms of experimental rigour and validation
  • Eager to learn and have a collaborative approach
  • Comfortable speaking to customers (with support) and understanding what they need, or happy to learn quickly

  • Familiarity or experience with ML privacy, fairness and explainability packages. In particular, familiarity with libraries such as "diffprivlib", "aif360", "TensorflowPrivacy".
  • Experience handling large datasets, suitable software techniques and hardware requirements
  • Familiarity with the wider ML ecosystem (beyond the tools you've applied previously)
  • Other programming languages (Java, JavaScript/TypeScript)
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas at varying levels of depth according to audience
  • Experience with Git or possibly other VCS
  • Experience of Linux
  • Ability to write technical material (documentation, published papers, internal technical notes etc)


You’ll enjoy a competitive compensation package and an awesome online work environment. We have a strong social scene, even if by Zoom, and we also offer great benefits such as:
  • Private healthcare (including dental and optical cover)
  • Pension
  • 25 days holiday (excl bank holidays)
  • An opportunity for equity in the company
  • Physical and mental health well-being initiatives e.g. discounts on gym memberships and sportswear & equipment, free fitness & nutrition programmes and professional mental health support sessions
  • Life cover
  • Flexible working
  • Professional and personal development

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Company: Mind Foundry

Mind Foundry
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Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Skills wanted for this job:
git java javascript linux ml
python pytorch tensorflow typescript

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