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Senior Data Scientist at Cytora

Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺   (Posted Jun 4 2018)
About the company
Cytora is building a new way for commercial insurers to quantify and price risk, underpinned by liquid access to data and machine intelligence. Using the Cytora Risk Engine, insurers can move from a subjective, assumptions based understanding of risk to an empirical and data-driven view. At Cytora, you'll have access to a network of world-class business minds and academics from leading global institutions. We celebrate originality and independent thinking, and work in decentralised teams, giving people the authority to own and solve problems creatively. You'll be offered a competitive salary and share options, augmented by our private health insurance.

Job position

Job description
We are looking for Data Scientists to join our brand new team in Sydney, working with some of Australia's largest insurers as Cytora grows across the globe.

Within Cytora, Senior Data Scientists help us build risk models that will fundamentally change the way insurers see the world, enabling them to move from an assumption based understanding of risk, to an empirical, data-driven view.

What you will be working on:

At Cytora we are developing a machine learning driven product, and as a Senior Data Scientist you will be working on some of the company’s most integral and toughest challenges.

More specifically, your role will include:

- Applying advanced machine learning algorithms to our insurance risk models

- Developing natural language processing algorithms to generate terabytes of training data from diverse structured and unstructured data sources

- Modelling complex and varied insurance risks using both traditional generalised linear models and recent predictive risk modelling methodologies based on neural networks

- Presenting your modelling results to our clients (their actuarial and underwriting teams), both in person and/or as part of our business development by contributing to our sales and marketing collateral

What working as a Data Scientist at Cytora looks like:

Your working days at Cytora begin with a stand up to synchronise efforts across the team, informed by weekly sprint planning with the whole company. We take pride in peer reviewing colleagues’ work to ensure what we create is simple, elegant, reliable and well documented.

Each week includes at least one opportunity for learning, typically in the form of an AI reading group with a presentation from somebody in your team.

Skills & requirements
What we are looking for in candidates:

- You’ll have proven industry experience within data science

- You will be passionate about data science, keeping up with current research, and will most likely have an advanced degree to underpin this

- In order to make the biggest impact you should have a broad and deep knowledge of machine learning techniques and practices that is clearly evident in the projects you’ve worked on previously

- As well as technical experience with some of the core Python data science libraries (scikit-learn, Numpy/Scipy, pandas, matplotlib, Jupyter notebooks), you will also have data manipulation and data visualisation skills.

Bonus points

- We would be particularly impressed if you have had exposure to production level engineering (including concepts like test-driven development and continuous integration).

- We use Apache Spark for the processing of multi-terabyte datasets, so familiarity with concepts around distributed computing and analysis would be useful.

Instructions how to apply
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