AI/ML Job: Software Engineer (Computer Vision / Machine Learning)

8th Wall

Software Engineer (Computer Vision / Machine Learning) at 8th Wall

🇺🇸 United States › California › Palo Alto   (Posted Sep 30 2021)

Job description
Interested in Augmented Reality? Do you want to be part of a team that is changing the way the world interacts with mobile devices? We are an all-star team working to pioneer the next wave of technology - reimagining the way the world interacts with technology today. 8th Wall’s mission is to break the wall between the digital and physical worlds, and we’re hard at work to bring augmented reality technology into the hands of developers worldwide.

As a software engineer with a computer vision and machine learning focus, you’ll invent new technology and develop it into new products, working closely with other engineers on our team to bring industry leading algorithms to a potential market of billions of smartphone users. We are looking for experienced, production-focused engineers who want to develop highly reliable products in a collaborative fast-paced environment.

Invent, develop, validate and optimize new computer vision technologies.
Deploy new technologies to power commercial and consumer products.
Manage individual projects, systems and deliverables.

Minimum qualifications
BA/BS degree in Computer Science, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience.
Familiarity with C++.
Demonstrated project execution in at least two of the following areas:
Convolutional neural nets.
Feature point detection
Image descriptor extraction.
Projective 3D geometry.
Sensor fusion.
Advanced gradient-based optimization.
Manifold manipulation.
Algorithm optimization using GPU or low-level instruction sets.
Algorithm visualization, dataset construction, benchmark development, method validation.
Other similar topics.

Preferred qualifications
MS or Ph.D. with a focus on computer vision or machine learning, or equivalent work experience.
2+ years of relevant research or professional experience in software development.
Research or professional coding experience in C/C++.
Hands on experience with deep learning engines and modern CNN/RNN construction.
Extensive experience with data visualization.
Demonstrated examples of end to end projects for real world, real time applications.
Proficiency in C++11 and newer concepts.
Experience with sensor fusion (IMU+vision) for tracking and mapping applications.
Familiarity with JavaScript and modern web technologies (WebGL, WebAssembly, WebWorkers, WebRTC, React).

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Company: 8th Wall

8th Wall
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Location: Palo Alto, California, United States

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Skills wanted for this job:
cnn javascript react rnn webassembly webrtc

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