AI/ML Job: Compiler Engineer (ML)

Fathom Radiant

Compiler Engineer (ML) at Fathom Radiant

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ United States โ€บ Colorado โ€บ Boulder
  (Posted Dec 6 2021)

$90,000 - $170,000

Job description
We are searching for talented individuals who are driven to tackle the most ambitious goal of our time - building the computer hardware that enables the development of safe artificial general intelligence.

In our people, we above all value kindness, a scout mindset, a focus on improvement, and prioritising to get the right things done. We aim to help build one of the most transformative technologies in the world, with massive social and ethical implications. We think this makes representation even more important, and we are actively striving to have a range of diverse perspectives on our team.

This role
Weโ€™re seeking a talented engineer with strong first-principles understanding of compilers, graph transformations and deep learning to develop our compiler infrastructure while collaborating with our optics and electronics teams in simulation, design and implementation of novel optoelectronic hardware.

Areas of contribution
Developing our ML compiler infrastructure, spanning from interfacing with user-level frameworks (e.g. PyTorch) to generating low level machine code targeting our cycle accurate system simulator.
Extending our current compiler with new parallel kernels that allow the user to seamlessly utilize the full potential of the Fathom Radiant hardware.
Analyzing the performance of state of the art deep learning models on Fathom hardware

Requirements for this role
BS/MS/PhD, or equivalent knowledge in computer science, electrical engineering, or related fields (e.g. statistics, applied math, computational neuroscience)
Deep passion and fundamental understanding of design, algorithms, and data structures in modern machine learning and AI
Experience in parallel program compilation and optimization
Experience in implementing custom graph operators in current day ML frameworks.
Strong understanding of the fundamentals of neural networks and common general algorithms

You'll do well here if....
You're motivated to build something that hasnโ€™t been built before
You're kind, enjoy thoughtful discussions fueled by problem-solving and logic, and care about our mission to positively influence the trajectory of artificial intelligence
You find large challenges exciting and enjoy discovering and defining problems as much as solving them.
You deliver. You may enjoy thoughtful conversations about problems and perfecting designs, but in the end, you know that what matters is delivering a manufacturable solution that works every time.
You are a cross-disciplinary team member. You are excited to work with and learn from software, mechanical, electrical, and optics engineers. You are comfortable communicating across teams.

Indicative salary range for this role: $90,000 - $170,000

If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply to come join us in our office in Boulder, CO. For all roles, we target market salaries, with an additional benefits package. Our comprehensive benefits include startup equity, medical expenses coverage (including extra coverage for employees with a family).


Company: Fathom Radiant

Fathom Radiant
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Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States

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Skills wanted for this job:
ml ai boulder pytorch

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