AI/ML Job: Robotics Software Engineer

Geisel Software

Robotics Software Engineer at Geisel Software

🇺🇸 United States › Massachusetts › Worcester
  (Posted Jan 7 2022)

Job description
Are you obsessed with software and robotics? Looking to work with an awesome team in a modern, successful software company? Geisel Software, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a premier software developer that is working with and creating today's hottest software technologies. We are looking for a motivated individual to join our team, learn new technology, and help us build some great software!

Geisel Software develops web, mobile and embedded software, with a focus on robotics, medical devices, and machine learning. We seek a talented individual who is not afraid to work hard, learn something new and get lots of stuff done. We have a helpful staff, but it is also important that you can work independently and solve problems with little outside direction. Your problem-solving skills will be put to the test, whether that means tracking down the answer on Google, or building your own new solution.

Here's what we work with regularly
Python3 / Python2
Modern C++ (C++11, C++14, C++17, etc.)
Robotic Simulation with ROS, RVIZ, and Unreal Engine
Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV)
TensorFlow and OpenCV
Web Frontend (AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.)
Linux - As a user at least, but also administration and kernel development
Agile and Hybrid-Agile design methodologies
iPhone/Android application development
Embedded Development in C/C++ (Arm or x86)
Embedded platforms (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, OMAP, etc.)

Here’s what we require
You're passionate about software development -- it's what you do even in your free time.
1 - ∞ years of experience with Python and C++
Good software foundational skills: clean, well-documented code; collaborative style; solid algorithms understanding; CS theory; mastery of more than one language.
An aptitude for learning new platforms and technologies on the fly. We’re constantly working on new projects that will push you and keep you always learning new technologies.
Able to take ownership of a project and independently architect, execute and troubleshoot it through completion and customer delivery.
Actively pursuing new knowledge and technologies. If you’re a web frontend guru, are you building your backend skills? If you’re an embedded developer, are you developing apps for Android or iOS?
Already comfortable on Linux. You can be a Windows/Mac pro, but you'll be doing at least 50% of your development on Linux. You should be comfortable with that.
Willing to commute to Worcester, MA.
Looking for full-time employment.
Must be a US Person.

What you’ll get
An opportunity to work with the latest technologies across a variety of platforms.
A fun, exciting work environment focused on the results, not the politics.
An experienced team and mentor who can help you grow in your craft and career.
A position with a growing company, offering competitive benefits and salary.


Company: Geisel Software

Geisel Software
job info / career page
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Location: Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

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Skills wanted for this job:
android angularjs ios javascript jquery
linux ml python tensorflow

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