AI/ML Job: Machine Learning Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer at doXray

Remote › 🇪🇺 100% remote position (in European timezone)
  (Posted Feb 18 2022)

About the company
doXray is a remote-first company that develops solutions for AI use-cases in the Legal, Real Estate, and Services industry. We have clients in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. At doXray, we're building a team with a passion for machine learning, for solving big problems, and for challenging ourselves to be better every day. We care about moving diligently and pushing industries forward while caring about who's on the journey with us.

€ 40-65k gross

Job description
Remote or hybrid (office in Zagreb, Croatia). Please apply only if you are based in the EU.
We are seeking an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to join our ML team, and help us extend the capabilities of our ML platform: a multi-component system designed to enable smoother onboarding of new use-cases regardless of input data (image, text) and downstream task, optimize resource utilization (training, annotation, storage), and increase the overall quality of service by improving performance tracking, data profiling, and pipeline orchestration. You will be working within a cross-functional team consisting of Data and ML Engineers and Researchers, closely collaborating with our Annotation, Infra, and Application teams.

Building, integration, and deployment of end-to-end ML pipelines
Optimization of the model serving system for scalability and reliability
Design, implementation, and maintenance of DataOps and MLOps components
Cross-component quality assurance and test automation

Experience in the development and deployment of ML systems (principally NLP) into production
Strong coding and software engineering skills in Python
Experience working with ML libraries and frameworks like PyTorch and Huggingface
Deep understanding of core ML concepts and architectures
Experience working with microservice-oriented architectures, Docker and containerisation, RESTful APIs

Competitive pay (€ 40-65k gross)
5 Weeks of vacation
Christmas bonus
Subsidised career development courses
Equipment budget for anything you want/need
Annual health check Up
Fully paid gym membership (Multisport)
CRO card
Free parking place if you decide to work from the office
Flexitime schedule and low meeting load


Company: doXray

job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: 🇪🇺 EU Remote, 100% Remote

Map of Europe

Skills wanted for this job:
ai docker ml nlp python

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