AI/ML Job: AI Developer (C++)

Kythera AI

AI Developer (C++) at Kythera AI

🇬🇧 United Kingdom › Edinburgh
  (Posted Mar 12 2022)

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
A unique opportunity for an experienced AI Developer to work at one of the leading AI companies in the video game industry. Full-time position with options for remote and flexible working.

Are you interested in joining a close-knit team working on one of the foremost technologies in the videogame industry today? Our middleware Kythera AI is the most advanced AI solution on the market. We work side by side with studios, ranging from independent to AAA in a variety of genres, to support the development of their title and AI features.

You must be a skilled programmer who can demonstrate good technical problem-solving, and understanding of low-level programming and performance concerns.

You will design and build core AI functionality and tools, improving the Kythera AI framework and our integrations with game engines. You will also develop AI behaviours, both for company demos and for partner games.

If you are interested in developing the cutting edge of video game technology, engaging with a wide range of projects and clients from all over the world, and working with a team that prioritises wellbeing, then please send us an application.

Your duties will include:

Designing and developing new features for the Kythera AI middleware

Designing and developing AI behaviours

Profiling and optimising code

Investigating and resolving bugs

Writing tests and documentation

Working closely with customers to develop features to fit their needs, resolve their problems, and assist in integrating and making the most out of Kythera AI

Prioritising, planning and working effectively

Sharing knowledge with the team through documentation and discussion

Helping to manage and build relationships with industry partners

Required skills:

Experience in C++

Good maths skills, in particular vector maths and trigonometry

Good written and spoken English language skills

Experience that will aid success:

Knowledge of common game AI techniques (e.g. Behaviour Trees, pathfinding)

Video game development

Unreal, Unity, O3DE/Lumberyard or custom game engines

Profiling and optimising high performance code with tools like Visual Studio or VTune

Ability to debug and fix issues in big and unfamiliar codebases

Supporting customers

Visual Studio development

Development on Android, iOS, Linux, or games consoles

Knowledge of common C++ software development tools like cmake, clang-format

Knowledge of version control systems like git, subversion, Perforce or Plastic SCM

Why work at Kythera AI?
Flexible, accommodating work structure when you need it
Tight-knit team
No crunch culture
An emphasis on both mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace
Varied and exciting projects
Lots of exciting social events
Two-way communicative management
Access to training
Opportunity to travel with work

Helping you achieve your potential is a priority!


Company: Kythera AI

Kythera AI
job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

map of company location

Skills wanted for this job:
ai android git ios linux

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