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My name is Nimish Awalgaonkar and I am currently working as a PhD student with Prof. Ilias Bilionis in the Predictive Science Lab ( at Purdue University, US. I am looking for an internship opportunity this summer (2019). I believe that my doctoral research experience in the field of Uncertainty Quantification (Bayesian Recommender systems and Decision theory) at Predictive Science Modeling lab coupled with my graduate level studies have provided me with the data-driven quantitative and analytical problem-solving skills which would help me be an effective member of any data science/machine learning group.

My current research work in Predictive Science Lab at Purdue University focuses on developing an online data-driven elicitation framework (Bayesian Recommender system) for learning the visual/thermal preferences (latent utility function) of occupants working inside private office spaces. We are creating a new non- parametric probabilistic framework (based on Bayesian global optimization techniques and behavior/choice modeling) which would allow to learn the preferences (visual and thermal comfort profiles) of new occupants with as few queries to the test subject as possible. In past, we have also worked on experimentally driven modeling of human-building interactions (using Bayesian logistic regression models, Gaussian mixture models etc. for addressing these classification and clustering related problems).

I have also worked as a Givens Summer Associate this summer (2018) in the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science group at Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago. During my internship, I worked on development of neural architecture search framework which would automate the process of finding the optimum deep learning architecture to address different supervised/unsupervised machine learning problems.

Machine learning, deep learning, bayesian statistics, optimization, recommender systems, decision theory, tensorflow
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I am looking for any data science/ machine learning based internship opportunity (summer 2019).
I am open to any city in United States. I don't have any specific preference.

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email address: Phone number: +17654766920

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Github: nawalgao
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Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

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