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Machine Learning Engineer - Machine Learning, Deep learning, Tensorflow, python, SQL

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Looking for: Permanent

Bachelor's degree in Instrumentation and Control with knowledge in Sensors and Transducers and Industrial Instrumentation.
Now a Master's student pursuing Computer Systems Engineer, working exclusively on machine learning , data pre-processing , deep - learning , Natural Language Processing with experience in C++,python , R , Docker, Tableau and Luigi pipeline.

Done projects such as movie-recommendation system using Apache Spark , object-detection using YOLO , Predictive analysis ,Facebook Database using MongoDB, MySQL , stock prediction and language translation using LSTM.

Currently interning at NinePoint Medical, on medical image processing using Computer Vision, segmentation using Weakly-supervised methods and also on Generative Adversarial Networks(GANs).

CNN, RNN, LSTM, GANs, Transfer Learning, PCA, Random Forest, Feature Engineering and Selection, Logistic
Regression, Decision Trees, Bagging, Ensemble Learning, SVM, Auto-ML, Plotly, Tableau, SPARK, Medical Image Processing, EMG
signals, Digital Signal Processing, DOCKER, DASK, Flask Application, Android Studio.

What I look for
Machine learning or deep learning engineer positions
Portland, Oregon, Seattle, San Francisco

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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