Machine learning Profile: IA specialist

IA specialist - Machine Learning, Python, Docker, Keras, TensorFlow, OpenCV

Located in: πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Brazil β€Ί Recife
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I have about 3 years of experience, between activities developed in university environment, internship and my current performance, I gained know-how in software development, PLC programming, hardware, data analysis and artificial intelligence. I recently graduated in Control and Automation Engineering at the Federal University of Pernambuco, being one of the best in the class, without failures and yield coefficient 7,9 / 10. After that, I joined a technology residency together with an AI specialization. I applied several AI models in practice and used various tools, such as SQL, Python (sklearn, keras, seaborn, pandas, Flask, OpenCV, TensorFlow ...), R. Also, with my engineering experience, I hope to contribute a lot more with insights to increase your productivity, whether using Python or other languages ​​like R, C # or Java.

Foreign languages:
1. Advanced French – 3 years course and Exchange experience.
2. Advanced English – 5 years course.
3. Basic Spanish – 2 years course.
4. Portuguese – Mother Tongue
Programming: Python, C/C++/C#, Java, R, MATLAB/Octave, SQL, Julia, Lua e HTML.
Software: Docker, Visual Studio, RStudio, Oracle SGBD, MySQL, AutoCAD, EAGLE, TIA Portal e Proteus, LabView.
Cloud: Google Cloud Computing.
Hardware: Industrial automation projects with Siemens PLC, WEG frequency inverters, thermocouple modules and electrical panels.
Electronic vessel projects with PIC, AtMega and FPGA microcontrollers.
Supervision projects with DSC Texas and National Instruments module (MyDaq).

What I look for
I am looking for a vacancy where I can present solutions with AI frameworks like Keras, Sklearn, R. Additionally I can have free access to database, SQL, and can contribute to architecture with Docker and cloud solutions.
Almost any city, but I'll be glad to work in US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, China or Brazil.

How to contact me
From my linkedin is fine.

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