Machine learning jobs where golang skills are wanted

Among others, Longshot Systems, Freewheel Media Inc and Visa Inc are hiring
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Senior Python Software Engineer for fast growing startup - Longshot Systems   (July 2018)
London, United Kingdom
At Longshot Systems we build advanced platforms for sports betting analytics and trading. We are a small start-up company working in a rewarding and challenging industry. Having developed a lot of our core platform infrastructure we are looking to begin expand...
Algorithm and Machine Learning Engineer - Freewheel Media Inc   (June 2018)
New York, New York, United States
Design and develop optimization solutions for advertising applications Design and develop machine learning algorithms for predictive services Research and prototype new optimization and machine learning solutions for new ad scheduling and forecasting initiati...
Security Software Engineer - Visa Inc   (June 2018)
Foster City, California, United States
Deliver and imporove on security capabilities through applied machine learning. The candidate should possess knowledge to account for the data engineering aspect of ML, clean and scrub data, build new ML models, and engineer the features into the product or se...

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