Machine learning jobs where nodejs skills are wanted (node)

Among others, Ideal, Chicory, Hive, Pager and Intel are hiring
Machine learning jobs with similar technologies: python ml tensorflow docker caffe sql spark aws linux

Machine Learning Engineer - Ideal   (June 2019)
Toronto, Canada
Are you a machine learning engineer looking for a new opportunity to challenge your skills and learn new technologies? Do you want to be excited to go to work every day? Do you have some ML skills you can put to use immediately? We are looking for you. Ideal i...
Senior Software Engineer - Chicory   (September 2018)
NYC, New York, United States
Chicory is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our ranks. The ideal candidate can handle full-stack development, but specifically has experience with large-scale software systems design. They should be able to design and implement systems that are ef...
Machine Learning Engineer - Hive   (August 2018)
San Francisco, California, United States
In order to execute our vision, we need to grow our team of best-in-class machine learning engineers. We are looking for developers who are excited about staying at the forefront of deep learning technology, prototyping state-of-the-art neural net models and la...
Machine Learning Engineer - Pager   (June 2018)
New York City, New York, United States
We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to build and deploy Machine Learning models to augment our clinicians and provide the best possible care to our patients. ABOUT PAGER ENGINEERING WE ARE Independent Decentralized in decision makin...
Deep Learning Engineer / Researcher - Intel   (June 2018)
Santa Clara, California, United States
What you will be working on Cutting edge problems in applied deep learning, machine learning, and AI in one or more of the following areas: Computer vision, object detection and localization, speech recognition, natural language processing, recommendation...
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